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Am I crazy?, Am I strange?...who knows, but I do know, that I am me and that wont change..

I like peace and queit, although I have 3 (very roudy and energetic) kids, I dream of lying on a beach doing nothing, yet I am a work-a-holic, I'm the conservative, non-risk taker in the family, my husband loves excitement and adrenalyne. .

What you can be sure of is I like pink, I cant stand wasting time, and a pet hate is someone stating the obvious, and together, Kerian and I make an amazing team

We currently live in Upper Hutt, about 35 mins north from Wellington, New Zealand. We both are partners in, and work in a web hosting company. Outside of work, Kerian is a freediver, Im his coach and a qualified judge. Our 3 boys love to practice freediving too, when they get a chance. I finally got dragged into the sport kicking and screaming in April 08 - since then freediving has become my drug of choice.

Im currently studying forensic science, its always fascinated me, and now the more I learn about the various sciences that make up the facinating world of forensics, the more I want to be apart of it.

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